Mission & Scope

The re-launched “European Journal of Management Studies” (EJMS) has replaced the 20 year-old Portuguese Journal of Management Studies as from 2015. This change reflects the incorporation of ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics andManagement – into the largest and best ranked university in Portugal – Universidade de Lisboa. This re-launch aims to introduce new life to the journal and we are actively seeking high quality papers that would appeal to a world-wide audience.

The EJMS is an exclusive peer-reviewed journal which publishes high quality papers that appeal to a world-wide audience in the field of Management Studies. The Journal views Management Studies in the most extensive terms possible, and typically considers the following subjects to be part of Management: Strategy, Marketing, Human Resources, Organisational Behaviour, Operations and Logistics, Finance, Accounting, Management Control, Taxation, Information Systems for Management, Entrepreneurship, and International Management.

EJMS’s mission is to greatly expand the domain of Management Studies research to a vast and diverse audience of academics, consultants and professional managers across the world.

EJMS publishes original research and opinions about the art and science of Management. The Journal gladly receives contributions which in particular analyse the results of multidisciplinary research and relate to the intersection of theory, method and empirical findings. The Journal also welcomes manuscripts demonstrating theoretical concepts related to Management, case studies, results of experiments, and reviews of leading technologies. Submissions to the Journal are double blind peer-refereed, which thus provides the setting for high quality research, communication and debate on the subject of Management.

Criteria for publication
All articles published in the EJMS must be relevant to practice. Articles are expected to address management issues that are exciting topical interest and which contribute decisively to improving management practices. Articles should also make a strong theoretical contribution. Meaningful new implications or theoretical visions must be present in all articles and manuscripts should be written as simply and succinctly as possible, without scarifying relevance or precision of exposition.

Publishing guidelines
All manuscripts must be submitted online, in English, via the link on the Submission Instructions page.  Further detailed instructions are to be found on the Submissions page.

Information to authors
All articles will be English proof read, in order to comply with the language standard required by the Journal. If English is not your native language, then the Journal may provide you with the services of an experienced copy editor, to help you improve the standard of English in your paper. A 100 Euros fee will be charged to the author for this service.

No annual subscription or publishing fees will be charged for the EJMS, and published articles can be downloaded for free online, from the page entitled Articles. Hard copies of the Journal from 2015 onwards can be purchased on request (see purchasing link on the website).

The Editors-in-Chief
Luís Mota de Castro & Gurpreet Dhillon