Submission Instructions


1. All manuscripts should be submitted online via the online submission system, which is accessed here.

2. Papers must be submitted in English. The English of all accepted papers should meet the English standards of other leading management journals and will be reviewed by the Journal’s Proof Reader.

3. Only one submission should be made, in Word. This manuscript must be without the identification of the author(s) and should be uploaded to the ‘Manuscript without-authors field. Exactly the same file should be uploaded to the ‘Main Article’ field. When you click on the ‘Convert to PDF’ field at the end of the submission process, the manuscript becomes ready to be sent to the Reviewers.

4. In order to facilitate processing of submissions please make sure the following guidelines are observed:

a) Your entire submission (including references) is double-spaced in 12-point font with standard margins;

b) A complete paper should include the following, in order: Title, authors, addresses, abstract, keywords, biographical note, introduction, text, acknowledgments, appendices, references, notes, tables, and figures. Title: as short as possible; Abstract: recommended size up to 100 words and should not exceed 150 words. Keywords: Two to Four; Address: Department, Name of Institutional affiliation, Postal address, email address;

c) There are no length restrictions for the submissions. Normatively however completed papers should be no more than 40 pages (double space) and research notes should have a maximum of 20 pages (double space);

d) The submission should contain few (and only necessary) footnotes. Footnotes should be placed at the end of the text, typed with double spacing and numbered consecutively in accordance with the corresponding references in the text ;

 e) Mathematical expressions should be written as clearly as possible;

 f) References to publications in the text should be as follows: “Campos (2003) suggests that…” or “This problem was analysed earlier (Campos, 2000; Ferreira and Matos, 1998 and Albuquerque and Carmona, 1990)”;

g) The list of references should appear at the end of the main text as mentioned in b). It should be single-spaced and listed in alphabetical order. References should use the American Psychological Association (APA) style format. Instructions can be found on, with a full tutorial available on The basic formats are as follows:

Papers in Periodicals:

Author, A.A., Author, B. B. and Author, C.C. (year). Title of article. Title of periodical (in italics), volume number (issue number), pages.

Rahman, S., Ferdausy, S. & Karan, R. (2012). Relationship among emotional intelligence, deviant workplace behavior and job performance: An empirical study. Portuguese Journal of Management Studies, 17(1), 40-61.


Author, A.A. and Author, B.B (Year of publication). Title of the book (in italics, with the first letter of the subtitle in capital letter, as in the title), Location: Publisher.

Freedman, L. (2013).  Strategy: A history. NY. Oxford University Press.

- Chapters in books:

Author, A.A. and Author, B.B (Year of publication). Title of chapter. In A. Editor and B. Editor (Eds.), Title of the book (pages of chapter). Location: Publisher (the title of the book is in italics),

Author, A. A. (Year). Title of chapter. In B. B. Editor (Ed.), Title of book (pp. xxx–xxx). Location: Publisher.

- E-books:

Author, A. (date). Title of book. Retrieved from http://xxxxxxxxx,

 Author, A. (date). Title of book. doi:xxxxxxxxxxxx.

- Chapters in e-books:

 Author, A. (date). Title of chapter. In E. Editor (Ed.), Title of book pp. xx–xx). Retrieved from http://xxxxxxxxx;

 Author, A. (date). Title of chapter. In E. Editor (Ed.), Title of book (pp. xx–xx). doi:xxxxxxxxxx.

                Conference and meetings:

                  Author, A. A. (Year, Month). Tittle. Paper presented at [meeting or conference], Location.


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